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A router is a device that is used to forward data packets from one network to another, thus creating an internetwork between them. The most common routers are the ones that are used in homes and small offices, which transfer the simplest forms of data such as emails, instant messages, videos, web pages and more between different computer systems.

DeltaNet Int has top-notch technicians who provide unparalleled quality tech support 24x7, 365 days a year, for hassle-free usage of the routers. Our team provides proper troubleshooting and expert support for all leading router brands like Belkin, D-link, Linksys, Netgear, Asus, Avaya, Cisco, etc.

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Internet connectivity is one of the most important things nowadays and facing issues with such a crucial resource can be very frustrating. We understand that and we know how to fix any kind of internet connectivity issue. Our technicians have years of experience with many dial-up and router connectivity systems and we don’t hesitate in going the extra mile to provide a proper resolution.